Tully’s Lobster Co – Crab Wedge Salad: A refreshing chilled treat in the Hamptons

Tully’s Lobster Co | 78 Foster Avenue, Hampton Bays, NY

Menu Item: Crab Wedge Salad

I LOVE wedge salads, and don’t understand why more restaurants don’t include them. They’re solid salads, typically served with bacon bits, fresh tomatoes, and my favorite — blue cheese dressing.

There is little that will deter my appetite for fried foods, fatty meats, and McDonald-like treats. Today, the unbearable New York sun and humidity was my evil nemesis.

So when the Leo family headed towards our favorite seafood shack in Hampton Bays, I went for the chalkboard-written ‘crab wedge’ salad and got exactly what I was looking for. The first cut through the salad was like a Hidden Valley Ranch commercial where the lettuce head is split in half and morning dew splashes towards the camera. Or maybe that was just in my head…hmmm….

Long story short–all the elements of this salad were perfect for the eating outside. The seafood twist was key–the chilled, meaty chunks of crab that accompanied each bacon-blue cheese-tomato bite were so satisfyingly refreshing. Finish with some Simply Lemonade and I’m ready for some poolside fun.

Overall Rating (out of 5 stars): 4.25 stars


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